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Mark these important EMMY DEADLINE DATES in 2001
MONDAY, JUNE 11, 2001
Postmark date for all entry forms, tapes and fees
Emmy Nominations Announcement Party
Emmy Awards/Silver Circle Gala

The EMMY AWARDS YEAR for eligibility and The NATAS-MINNESOTA CHAPTER MEMBERSHIP YEAR are the same: June 1, 2000 to May 31, 2001

Minnesota Chapter Regional Emmy Awards
Call for Entries

The Minnesota Chapter of The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences awards the EMMY to recognize outstanding achievement, encourage the continuing pursuit of excellence within the industry and promote the highest standards of quality by focusing public attention upon professional, technical and personal achievements in the production of television programming.

All entries are judged solely against a standard of excellence. Entrants should be aware of the distinct possibility that judges may award more than one Emmy in any given category. This occurs because entries are not judged against one another, but on the merits of excellence alone. When entries in one category score extremely high and within a few percentage points of one another, judges are likely to recommend multiple awards. It is also possible that judges occasionally will deem no entry in a category worthy of an award. All entries will be judged under the supervision of Chapters of The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences outside the Minnesota regional area. Screening and voting by peer group judges will follow the guidelines created by the Academy's National Awards Committee. All Program Entries are judged on three criteria: content, creativity and execution. All Individual Achievement Entries are judged on two criteria: creativity and execution. Voting is by secret ballot. The independent accounting firm of Larson, Allen, Wishhair & Co. tabulates scores.

Panels assembled by other NATAS chapters will judge entries submitted by this Chapter. These panels are comprised of no fewer than six judges who are certified as peers. No more than three judges on any given panel may be employed by the same station or company. Judges may not have a conflict of interest, described as any direct involvement in the production of an entry, or having a personal relationship with a member of the production staff of an entry. Group ownership, by itself, does not create a conflict of interest.

The success of the Emmy Awards process depends on the willingness of qualified professionals to serve as judges. Peers in another television market are serving this Chapter's entrants. This Chapter will judge other chapter's entries. By entering, you agree to serve as a judge when asked. Failure to serve may prevent you from entering.

All entries must have been originally telecast within the Awards Year from June 1, 2000 through May 31, 2001.

The State of Minnesota and surrounding DMA's.

1. Television stations, cable companies, production companies and other organizations responsible for the production and/or telecast and/or cablecast of television programming may enter. Any producers and any individuals, whether or not they are members of the TV Academy, may enter. There are categories for News, Programs, Announcements and Campaigns, Individual Excellence On-Camera, Individual Craft Achievement, and Student Production.

2. Entries must have been produced primarily for local release, telecast during the Awards Year, not initially designed or underwritten for network or syndication release, and in no event released in an aggregate of markets in which the potential audience exceeds 50% of the total U.S. television homes. The 50% rule does NOT apply to local station news coverage that receives national exposure. Also, a local program that later receives national distribution may compete in both local and national awards competition, but not in the same eligibility year. Telecast is interpreted as being distributed through a TV station, satellite or cable service to general viewership, NOT closed circuit service (except for Student Production entries).

3. Categories 1-24 are for News, Program, Segment, and Announcement/Campaign achievements. The Producer(s), i.e. the person(s) most responsible, is eligible to receive the Emmy award statuette for these categories unless otherwise indicated. The intent is to present the award to the person DIRECTLY involved in creating the entry. Entrants may be required to provide documentation, including proof of performance affidavits or verified production credits, if deemed necessary by the Chapter's Emmy Awards Committee.

4. In categories 1 and 2, only one newscast may be submitted per station.

5. In categories 3-24 there is no limit to the number of entries an organization or individual may submit in each category. However, in categories 3-24 the same entry cannot be submitted in more than one category.

6. Entries submitted to the Minnesota Chapter cannot be submitted to any other chapter's competition.

7. Categories 25-30 are designed to recognize individual achievements on camera. Categories 31-43 are designed to recognize individual achievement off camera. Entries must be submitted by the individual listed in the entry. Each person may submit a single achievement or a composite of work that he or she believes to be outstanding in a specific area of expertise. An individual with accomplishments in more than one area of talent or craft may submit an entry in each area. On-camera talent entering categories 3-24 may not submit an entry for the same work in categories 25-30.

8. The Chapter recognizes that there will be instances when more than one person contributes to the work in a craft area. Individuals working together on a specific project in that craft area may enter as a group.

9. Categories 44-45 are designed to recognize outstanding achievement conceived and produced by high school or undergraduate college students attending a school, institute or academic program in the Chapter's Area of Eligibility. Each entry must be submitted by the school where the work was produced. Faculty involvement can be only advisory. A Plaque of Recognition will be awarded to the school. Certificates of Recognition will be awarded to all students listed by the faculty advisor as contributors to the production.

10. Foreign language entries are eligible. The Academy will do its best to secure at least two judges on the judging panel who speak the language of the entry. Entrants must submit either an English transcript, subtitles or a translation on the second audio channel.

11. Entries will be assigned by category as designated by the submitter, but the Awards Committee will have the sole discretion for its applicability in the category chosen, and its eligibility for award consideration. All entries must be submitted as originally telecast. There may not be any post-telecast changes except for the removal of commercials unless otherwise indicated. The Chapter reserves the right to corroborate any information on an entry form, to combine duplicate entries, or to disqualify an entry. In the case of a disqualification, the entry fee will be refunded unless otherwise noted. All entries are subject to approval by the Chapter's Awards Committee.

1. Entry fee for categories 1-24 is: $75 per entry for members of the Minnesota Chapter; $150 for the first entry of a non-member with subsequent entries at $75. The $150 will include a full one-year membership to the Chapter beginning June 1, 2001. Where there is more than one name listed on the entry, only the first name listed will receive the membership and will be able to submit subsequent entries at $75.

2. Entry fee for categories 25-43 is $55 per entry for members of the Minnesota Chapter; $130 for non-members with subsequent entries at $55. The $130 includes a full one-year membership to the Chapter beginning June 1, 2001. Where there is more than one name listed on the entry, only the first name listed will receive the membership and will be able to submit subsequent entries at $75.

3. Entry fee for categories 42-45 is $40 per entry.

4. The Chapter will present one statuette for each entry awarded an Emmy in each category. Additional statuettes may be purchased only by those listed in the call for entries as eligible to receive the Emmy. The cost of additional statuettes is $130 for Chapter members; $205 for non-members. Those who worked on a project who are not eligible for a statuette can purchase a Production Certificate honoring their creative contribution upon verification of their participation. Individual Achievement winners may NOT order certificates for any others associated with their entry. The cost of a Production Certificate is $30. Additional Student Category Certificates are available for $15 each. In accordance with the rules of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, regardless of station or company affiliation, the individual recipient(s) will retain possession of the Emmy statuette.

5. IMPORTANT! Entries missing information on the form, or which have incorrect fees, or do not follow the guidelines listed under Emmy Entry Tape Preparation will be subject to a $25 reprocessing fee for each correction including the addition or deletion of names, or the entry may be subject to disqualification. The original entry fee will not be returned. If you have any questions about the preparation of your entry, please contact: Alan Beck
Emmy Committee
(952) 946-5725

6. The entry fee(s) in the form of a check or official purchase order must be attached to the entry form(s) and submitted at the same time as the beta tape(s) of the entry/entries.

It is important that you follow the guidelines listed below or you will be charged a reprocessing fee or your entry will be disqualified without a refund.

1. Each entry must be submitted on an individual beta tape, except in the Student Production categories where entries may be submitted on VHS tapes. In Writing Categories 42 and 43, 7 copies of the script must be submitted with the beta tape.

2. The tape must bear the appropriate entry label. The title on the entry tape must match the entry form.

3. A copy of the entry form must be placed in the tape box.

4. If a Program is 60 minutes or less in length, it must be submitted in its entirety (without commercials) unless otherwise indicated. If a Program exceeds 60 minutes the entry must be reduced to 60 minutes or less by making no more than three unedited deletions from the program as telecast.

5. A Program Series (3 or more programs telecast in the Awards Year) may be represented by a single program or a composite of no more than 3 unedited segments from different programs within the series. The composite should be no longer than the length of an individual program in the series, and in no case longer than 60 minutes. A program that is part of a Series or is entered as a Series cannot be submitted in another category as a Single Program. A brief description of the composite segments and their airdates must be included on the entry form.

6. A composite entry in categories 25-43 should be represented by a compilation of no more than 4 unedited examples as telecast. The composite tape cannot be longer than 20 minutes. A brief description of the composite segments and their airdates must be included on the entry form.

7. Entries should not include commercials (except for billboards). At least 3 seconds and no more than 10 seconds of black must separate each segment, report, announcement, etc.

8. Please check all tapes to make sure they are technically viewable. If the judging panel deems an entry tape technically unviewable, it will NOT be judged and your entry fee will NOT be refunded.

9. The Chapter assumes no responsibility for the acts or omissions of those individuals or organizations submitting entries pursuant to this notice. All submitting individuals and/or organizations are urged to review submissions for accuracy with respect to names, spelling, category and credits. The Chapter shall accept any and all submissions that are not in conflict with all rules and regulations.

10. All tapes will become the property of the Chapter. Emmy awarded Program tapes will be kept in the Chapter archives for research and educational purposes. The tapes will not be retelecast. The remaining tapes will be donated to colleges and universities

11. Please include with each entry, the time code for what you think would be the best 30-seconds to show at the Emmy Gala should your entry be awarded an Emmy.

All entry forms, fees and tapes must be received by MONDAY, JUNE 11, 2001. Each entry form must be supplied in triplicate. In addition, a fourth copy must be placed in each tape box. Entry forms, fees and tapes must be sent to:
3515 Raleigh Avenue So.
St. Louis Park, MN 55416

Make checks payable to NATAS, Minnesota Chapter.
If you need more entry forms or cassette labels, please call
Alan Beck at (952) 946-5725 or
Teresa Vickery at (952) 474-7126

Alan Beck, KMSP-TV, Chair
Jane Helmke, KARE-TV
Carol Scheer, KSTP-TV
Anne Pedersen, WCCO-TV
John Croman, KARE-TV