Steve Hemmingsen

It has been said that the role of television is to take us places most of us can't go. Steve Hemmingsen did just that for more than 30 years both in Minnesota and North Dakota broadcasting.

After a stint in New Ulm radio, the Minnesota native's televison career kicked off at KAUS in Austin. He was lured across the border in 1969 to begin three decades of reporting and anchoring the nightly news at KELO in Sioux Falls. Defying the stereotype of journalism-lite anchormen, Steve perfected a writing style and skill that impressed every broadcaster in his circle of contact. He was known for weighing the value and directness of every single scripted word in each broadcast, editing entire newscasts to insure accuracy and clarity.

Not content to cover major stories from the studio, Steve took his talents directly to the scene of events like the standoff at Wounded Knee, the disastrous Rapid City Flood and the prisoner takeover of the South Dakota State Penitentiary.

Not the least of his contributions to the television industry of the Dakotas was the determination to bring historical perspective to the screen. The tremendous asset of his experience and contacts over a quarter century set a bar of achievement and a lasting legacy for those who have followed in his footsteps.

Steve retired as anchor and managing editor at KELO-TV in 2000, but only after firmly establishing his place as television news icon for viewers from Southwest Minnesota to the Wyoming border. The pride alone that his former colleagues feel in his career as both teacher and friend make Steve Hemmingsen deserving of inclusion in the Silver Circle.